• 08.10.2015

    Продается действующее предприятие

    Продается действующее предприятие по производству топливных гранул из древесных опилок (пеллет). Объем выпускаемой продукции – до 500 тонн в месяц. Цена договорная. Приглашаем потенциальных инвесторов.

  • 01.10.2015

    Новый ассортимент продукции

    К сезону наша компания расширила ассортимент пиломатериалов на складе и предлагает еще больше наименований для своих клиентов.

все новости

Lindeksport LTD

"Lindeksport" LTD was founded in May, 2004. Today it is a fast developing company, export- oriented, adjusting to the rapidly changes market for goods and services. The company is located 50 km away from Minsk ring road, to Mogilev direction.

The main activities of the company are:

  • Timber cutting
  • Plots development with the continuous and selective felling of the timber. The timber either traded on the stock or is being used as a raw material for our own production
  • Woodwork
  • Saw timber manufacture of trimmed and untrimmed coniferous and deciduous species of any types, sections and length.
  • Wood sewing services
  • Assembling wooden pallets for the export and domestic market
  • Production of different wooden constructions according to the drawings of the customer (for example panels of snow retention, containers, boxes and etc.)
  • Production of pellets, wood chips
  • Loads transportation by MAZ trucks with semitrailers 13,5 m and capacity 20 tonnes, tented and not tented, with the counters for timber transportation
  • Services of MTZ -82 tractors, hydro- manipulater for timber loading and unloading
  • Wholesale and retail trade of the construction materials (blocks, ruberoid, pipes and etc.)

Our enterprise is interested in development of new connections and collaboration with the Belarusian and foreign enterprises. We are always open for mutual cooperation

Tel: +375 29 6655172,  +375 29 6578655.

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